6 Indoor Games For A Family Reunion

You can boost the entertainment of a party by arranging some engaging indoor games for a family reunion. You know, nobody wants to attend a dull party. But indoor games are a great way to spend time with friends and family and create wonderful memories at a party. Usually, people play board games at parties. But when you don’t have any board game equipment at home or don’t want to follow the traditional ways, you can try out other awesome ideas. No matter what the age is, you will love ones who will dig fun in these hilarious indoor games.

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1. Create The Mummy

The name seems very terrifying, isn’t it? Worry not, it is not a scary game. Instead, it provides the ultimate fun. It’s a quick game that will add an instant blast to the party. Every team will consist of two members and one of them will become the Mummy. You have to supply a roll of toilet paper to each team to create the Mummy. The other teammate has to wrap the paper quickly while showing some creativity. In this game, there will be two winning teams. The one who will finish faster than others and the one who will create the most perfect Mummy look.

2. Partners in Pen

This one is quite creative and ends up in something hilarious. A pair will sit back to back and you will give a box of peculiar objects to one of them. The one who has the objects will describe it to their partner and he/she has to sketch it. It is not as easy as it sounds. The pair can’t see each other’s faces. Moreover, the describer cannot mention the name of the object or its usage. Depending on the pictures, every team will get points. The team which will finish first will get some priority points as well.

3. Holiday Stalker

An excellent game to keep your party lively the whole time. This game makes everyone a stalker. You will need to provide a bag full of stickers to every person present at the party. Their task will be to stick them as fast as possible. The person who will empty the bag first will win the game. However, if someone notices and catches the person while sticking the stickers they will be allowed to attach a sticker on that stalker. So, they have to be very careful. The more people you will have, the more fun the game will be. One will be the best stalker then.

4. “Ha”, “Ho” or “Hee”

A silly game yet quite amusing. You can arrange this game among many people. This game also does not require any teams. The last person who maintains a strange face without smiling or laughing is the winner. That means everyone has to hold their laugh as long as they can. The players will say the words “Ha”, “Ho” or “Hee” in the turns, then repeat it again and again until someone smiles. The player who laughs will be disqualified and in the end, there will be only one left. Isn’t it the best indoor game as it requires no extra arrangement? You just need several fun-loving people.

5. Video Games

Playing multiplayer video games on consoles can be the most appealing idea in your party. Turn your party into an Arcade and relish the holiday times. You can try out thrilling racing games, soccer or action-packed multiplayer sports. Those who watch the game only and do not take part will also enjoy the party. Games like Rocket League, Gang Beasts, Mario Kart 8 will be ideal for all guests regardless of their age.

6. Which is the Lie?

This game is to determine how good the people around you know each other. This is a perfect game for friends and family members. In this game, the players have to determine three statements about themselves and one of them will be false. One by one every player will say the statements and others have to vote for the false one. The one who will earn the most points by finding the most correct answers will be the winner here.


Doesn’t merely hearing about the games make you want to arrange a party so that you can play games? I sure do! So when you are going to arrange a party, never forget to arrange some fun games for the party attendants. And I am sure you can choose the best games from my list. Enjoy your party!

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